Friday, May 9, 2014

Converting Normal Tanks to Nursing Tanks

I don't know about you all, but I have spent a ton of money on nursing tanks.  This was the case after both of my children.  One tank top alone doesn't seem too bad when looking at the price.  But, to get several colors that will work under all of your outfits starts to add up quickly!  This second time around, I only bought two nursing tank tops.  But, I only had a black and a grey.  I wanted more colors, however, didn't want to buy anymore!  I refuse to keep throwing money out the window like that when I can spend a fraction of the money and get multiples!

I kept seeing pins on Pinterest about converting your regular spaghetti strapped tank tops into nursing tank tops.  You can do this with any of them, but I prefer the kind without the shelf bra built in.  Too many layers on the ladies while nursing gets uncomfortable (for me!).

You start by taking your regular tank top and cutting off the strap at the base in the back.  Then, leave a couple of inches in the front.  I should have taken photos of this, but please forgive me.  You will make a VERY TINY loop of the remaining couple inches of strap.  Go smaller than you might think.  You only need enough to fit over the clasp on your nursing bra.  Sew this down and VOILA!  You've converted your tank into a nursing tank!

See the small loop?  It should be tiny otherwise it will slip down your bra.

This is the loop slipped over the clasp on my nursing bra.

This is the nursing tank on, attached to the nursing bra.  I wear these under other wide strapped tanks, tshirts, etc.   But, it makes it nice when I am out and need to nurse.  I can slip up the over-shirt without exposing my belly and easily unclasp my bra (taking that side of the tank with it) and nurse my little one.  This way, nothing is exposed.

I'm so thrilled with the results.  I've made several already!  I have a lavender, a black & white stripped, a black, a grey, a cream/white, and a tan.  I'm thinking about getting more colorful ones since all (but the lavender) are neutral colors. 

OH!  And I should mention...  you can obviously convert any tanks that you already own.  This would be the most cost effective.  However, I didn't have a lot to work with, so I bought my tanks from Forever21.  They were $1.88!  That's WAY cheaper than any nursing tank top that you'll find in the stores.   Also check places like Platos Closet, or any second hand retail store.  The lavender tank I got from a resale store for $1.00.

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